8 October 2013
So he's bad in the sack

So he's bad in bed. Is he new to you, or has the relationship hit a flat spot? Or, even worse, have you always put up with it and you don't know how to change? This happens to many women.
There are a few options available. 

If you are new to each other there are some interesting ways to let him know what does it for you. You could try games like Nookii or Bondage Seductions. Have a couple's party at home and you can make suggestions and try out some ideas. Use some Paradice to liven things up. Buy a piece of lingerie or some massage candles. Men like it when women take the lead, believe it or not.

Things like games, lingerie or massage work equally well for couples that have hit a flat spot in their relationship. Bringing in something different might be what you need to spice things up. Why not sign up for our Sexxxy Tip of the Day for some ideas at .

If you are looking for a change altogether in what happens under the covers, you might like to look at our educational section. Christmas is coming up and it might be the gift that keeps on giving, especially for you. 

Follow the link to book a sex toy party for you, girlfriends and couple friends. They will love you for it!