29th January 2013

Okay so I'm really starting to think about being organised for this photo shoot. There are a few things to tidy up - no really!!! So straight away I think about our new item: the eRazor. I haven't had a chance to use it yet so I figure now is as good a time as any. I popped it in the powerpoint and charged it up. I did have a little play with it but that was on my fella's arm. Now for the important bits. The pop up trimmer worked a treat. No knicks or cuts to bother me. The the final tidy up. It worked really well. I was very happy with the result - especially as I'll be having lots of bits exposed on camera. It was the quickest hair removal system I'd used in a long time. It wasn't messy, easy to operate, no pain - a huge tick of approval. On Saturday morning all I need to do is a last minute touch up to make sure I didn't miss anything and off I go in the beautiful lingerie. I can see this is going to solve the problem of those nasty ingrown hairs. Another step closer to my big photo shoot. Look out Lux Portraits - here I come.