3 July 2014
A numbers game

Because itís the end of the financial year and tax time, and
numbers jump to the forefront, I will give you some interesting numbers.

20 Ė is how many kilojoules are burned during sex every minute

22 Ė the percentage of women who have had sympathy sex

25 Ė your breasts can swell up to 25% when you are aroused

32 Ė by this age your clitoris is four times larger than it
was at puberty

34 Ė the length in centimetres of the worldís largest erect

50 Ė the percentage of women who say that bad sex is a deal

So if the last one is your problemÖgive us a call. Weíre
sure to have something to help you up the ante.

26 June 2014
He's not that into you...wrong!

I was talking to a girlfriend the
other day that treats me as a sex guru (I know a lot considering what I work
with and the conversations that I have). She was absolutely freaking out
because her guy had turned her down in the bedroom. As far as she was concerned
it was the beginning of the end.

So I thought Iíd share some
interesting facts with you.

Sometimes guys can just be too
tired for sex. Shocking I know! They can have other things on their mind. They
can be stressed from work or other issues. If they say no, donít take it
personally. If it becomes a constant issue, and he says it isnít you, send him
to the doctor. He just may need a health check.

Some guys do think itís all about
them. Wham, bam etc. You are going to have to remind him that just because heís
finished, doesnít mean you have. If he really does fall asleep, then you need
to make sure your needs come first.

Guys get hurt at being turned
down too. If you really are not in the mood make sure he knows that your still
think heís wonderful and that itís the sex you are giving up not him. He needs
to know he still has the moves.

Guys need a map. They donít like
asking for directions when they drive and the same goes for the bedroom.
Letting them know where to go without them asking for directions is a genuine
way to help them. Just donít make them salute while theyíre hard at it.

Sometimes guys just want to try
something new. This means he trusts you enough to share. Return the compliment
and let him know what turns you on. This could open up a whole new area of
pleasure for you both.

19 June 2014
Things every woman should know


I was reading an article about what every woman should know
by the age of 25. Things like the sun is bad for you, bring your own condom,
and donít run down your bestieís partner (we all know that one comes back to
bite you a big one!).

I think they left out something really important. Find out
what does it for you in the bedroom. Life is too short to be wasted on bad sex.
To gain that extra confidence and knowledge itís important to know your own
likes and dislikes. Using a toy takes a bit of pressure off you, and allows you
just to follow the sensations and experience without dying of hand cramp or
pretending everything is fine with a partner.

Try a little one like the BCute Classic, one that goes
straight for your G spot with the Hip G, or if you are ready for an experience
then the Turbo Rabbit might be your thing.

Learn what you really like before you have to let him know.
Thatís what you really need to know before age 25!

12 June 2014
Three toys to try

There are three things that I
encourage people to add to their ďbox of tricksĒ when it comes to sex toys.
These three things add a new dimension to fun for grown ups. Sex toys have come
a long way since people starting buying their first vibrator. Adult party plan
is popular because we now thing the fun should be shared, not hidden away.

Toy number one is a bondage kit.
There are lots out there but the Fifty shades of great kit is about to hit a
new high with the imminent release of the movie. This type of kit is all about
anticipation not pain.

Nipple clamps are an experience
in themselves. Designed to be used by males and females, having an intense
experience through the nerve endings in your nipples can bring on intense
orgasms and waves of pleasure.

And the cock ring. It is designed
to bring pleasure to both men and women and if a vibrator is regularly used
(but sometimes resented) this lets him think the ball is in his court for a

Give these a try. Life is too
short not to try new things often!

16 March 2014
Martha Stewart and Sex

I had to laugh today when I read that Martha Stewart was asked for advice on sex. Somehow I knew it was not going to be red hot and sizzling. But when I thought about it she was probably worried what people would think if she became too explicit or daring.

Martha belongs to an age of women that don't discuss their sex life, and if they do it's in hushed tones with best friends. A lot of women now feel much more comfortable discussing their experiences, needs and wants in the bedroom; and not only in the bedroom. 

The reason adult party plan is so successful is that women are now taking control of what they want and are happy to discuss their needs with a like minded group of women. They want to hear about what other people try, the latest sex toys, and experiment more. The attitude to sex is much more open. If it feels good, and no one is being hurt, why not?

2 March 2014
Body Treats

We have a gorgeous new range
of Body Treats products in our adult party range.

This is a great for
those people who say theyíre not interested in toys or who donít want lingerie
because they donít have a partner, to still purchase a gorgeous item.

A little goes a long ways
with these products and they make wonderful gifts.

This allows the hostess to say to her friends that itís not all about sex toys.

16 February 2014

I was watching a show about
a dominatrix on Foxtel and I thought that would be an interesting job. The
other thing about that occupation is that you have to be completely non-judgemental. 

Thatís what I like about running an adult party. You get to meet people from
all walks of life and you realise just how different people are. 

Thatís why I
start every party with the reminder not to judge or comment on what turns any particular
person on. You get people who like nipple clamps, whips and hand cuffs; then
someone may think Deep Throat is disgusting. 

Donít waste your time judging-
just enjoy what toots your horn.

2 February 2014
Give and take

Being part of a couple is all about give and take.
We let him go to his golf game, footy match or poker night.


Then we let him take us out to a chick flick (or the other way around).

There's a great new item that's all about give and take.


People thing of adult toys and immediately think of vibrators for the ladies.

There is so much more to it than that.


We are all about equality of orgasms.

Check the fabulous new item out at: 


11 November 2013
Battery operated boyfriends

I get asked all kinds of questions about BOB (battery
operated boyfriend for the uninitiated). People ask me what is the best one all
the time. It is a very individual thing. Decide whether youíre an outie or an
innie as far as orgasm goes. Do you need a vibrator with a G spot curve because
thatís your thing? Do you need external stimulation more? Do you need width? Do
you need length? Luckily we are the adult party plan for you because we cater
for all needs: Hip G, Limited Edition Rabbit, and Fantasy Dong. We know you all
have individual needs and we cater for them. You need to ask yourself what does
it for you, so we can help you get there.

31 October 2013
Gag Reflex

Something I talk about at my sex toy parties a lot is how different
people are. What one person finds repulsive is another personís turn on. Doing
adult party plan means Iíve taught people about the value of intimacy and
pleasuring their partner. When I start to talk about Deep Throat Spray a lot of
people start giggling and making comments about how they would never do things
like that. During the break they are usually the ones testing the spray out.
You never can judge people by what they say at these parties Ė itís what they
buy that counts.

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