27 November 2011
Interesting feedback


I was holding a party recently with a bunch of girls that were celebrating a divorce. Apparently these parties are becoming very popular. Girls are choosing to start the next stage of their life with a bang.

The girls had started celebrating before I arrived to set up and were feeling very relaxed and in the party spirit. When the atmosphere became very chatty and enthusiastic, I gave up on explanations and just started passing toys around.  One of the party goers expressed disappointment that I had stopped talking about the toys. She understood why I had but she was gaining lots of information.

I suggested she book a party for herself with her own group of friends, and we could chat about products as much as she liked. She hadn't considered it until that point. Now I have another fabulous party to look forward to.

There are different types of parties and different moods are created. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow.  I was stunned to hear from the hostess that when she had called up other party plans she had been told she could only book at certain times and days of the week.

If you are going into someone else's home I would have thought it should be on their terms!!!

That is customer service.